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January 2012

Novaflow Systems, Inc, with its corporate offices based in Prescott, Ontario, Canada has today announced an agreement with RVC International PTE, Ltd to act as their sales agent in the following regions: Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam.

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Novaflow to Exclusively Distribute EasyDoser in Canada and USA

August 2011

Novaflow has been nominated as the primary distributor for De Ruiter'sEasydoser” dispensing system in Canada and the USA.

Goodfellow Inc. Trusts Novaflow Paint Dispensing Systems

After an extensive review and analysis Goodfellow, Inc. selected Novaflow Systems to supply an automated dispensing system for their wood siding division. The system utilizes PPG Duracolor and Machine Coat Plus paint systems. Installation of this hardware provides Goodfellow with the ability to streamline their paint manufacturing and allows them to manufacture virtually any coating on demand.

Dispensing System Manufactures Small Batches Of Chemicals


The Novaflow SBM system (Small Batch Machine) offers end users the ability to manufacture small batches of chemicals quickly and easily using a small footprint fully automated "gravimetric" system.

The units are offered in a wide range of configurations. The units are primarily designed to make batches from 1 to 5 gallons. Dispense accuracies of +/- 0.2 grams (+/- 0.0004 pounds) are achievable. Each system comes with full-loop re-circulation and an advanced software program which controls the dispensing and allows the client to manage their raw material inventories, formulations, etc...

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INX Adds Novaflow Dispenser to SuperCorrExpo Lineup

September 2008

INX International Ink Co. will feature an automated ink dispensing system with its extensive range of corrugated printing inks at SuperCorrExpo (booth 2030). The show runs from Sept. 22-26 at Atlanta's Georgia World Conference Center.

The NovaFlow N20SBM water and UV small batch blender-dispenser offers time and money-saving benefits for printers looking to reduce waste and inventory costs, while meeting tight client specifications and timetables. Perfect for narrow web operations, the N20SBM handles up to 14 components. Driven by NovaFlow's advanced, performance-proven Materials Management software with numerous customizable functions and modules, this system can also assist with reformulation and inventory work-off.

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Maximizing Efficiency in Your Inkroom

January 2008

Dan McKenney, vice president North American sales for Novaflow, says, “We design the hardware with several things in mind, including weighscale accuracy and product viscosity. Typically, when designing a dispensing system for UV screen and conventional screen-printing inks, we select a highaccuracy scale (the smaller the batch size, the higher the precision of the scale). In regards to product viscosity, UV screen and conventional screen products, due to their make up, require a careful examination to ensure we size the fluid circuit properly.”

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Novaflow Launches New Paste dispenser

February 2006

Novaflow Systems has launched its new NP15 paste dispenser to accurately dispense high viscosity materials. Using Novaflow's dispensing software coupled with its improved two-stage dispense valves, users can achieve repeateable dispensing accuracies of +/- 0.0004 pounds...

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Getting It Right: Tinting, Coloring & Dispensing

August 2005

“Companies such Novaflow Systems, which offers low-cost dispensing and tinting machines like the N20 and N40 for use in small- to medium-sized branch dispensing operations, are focusing on cost reduction. "We are currently developing technology that will offer a lower cost system in conjunction with higher accuracy and better reliability, which will equate to lower overall operating and maintenance costs," said Dan McKenney, vice president, North American sales, Novaflow Systems.”

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P.O.S. tinting, coloring & dispensing technologies: color accuracy, ease of use and efficiency remain key to users of P.O.S. colorant and dispensing systems

November 2004

Novaflow Systems supplies gravimetric dispensers for automated clear and colorant dispensing. The batch size can vary from quart to gallon to 55 gallon to bulk 550 gallon systems.

"All of our customers are looking for quantifiable dispense accuracy, this is why they choose gravimetric over volumetric systems," said Scott. According to Scott, a gravimetric system is much more precise. It uses a calibrated weight scale to record the exact quantity of clear or color added to each batch. The volumetric systems, he said, record the number of pump rotations, and the pump gear may or may not have clear or colorant in the chamber, and "as such can incorrectly dispense the desired quantity of colorant, without recording the error."

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Novaflow releases version 10 of its colour and ink management software

April 2003

Novaflow Systems Inc has announced the release of Version 10.0 of its materials and colour management software for the flexo and gravure printing markets.

Ewan Scott, president of Novaflow, said: "This new software system provides a simplified method of managing, formulation and print design data, returned ink work off, stock control, environmental reporting as well as helping to speed up pre-press colour preparation. Giving low cost access to database management technology, that until now was only available with expensive, larger software systems.'

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Automated Ink Blending System From Novaflow

March 2001

Novaflow Systems, Inc., Prescott, Ontario, Canada, has introduced a fully automated liquid ink blending system for narrow web and corrugated converters. Known as the Model N20, this system includes a wide array of built-in tools, such as automated ink work off, stock control, job costing and color computer interface, that allow the user to improve efficiency, according to the company...

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Cylinder Management System from Novaflow.

February 2001

Novaflow Systems, Inc., Prescott, Ontario, Canada, has introduced a revolutionary cylinder management system designed specifically for gravure printers. According to the company, the features of this software, which was over two years in development, provide a complete solution for controlling all aspects of cylinder management...

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